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   Notifying West Berks Council of litter problems    27 December, 2017

In order to make savings, West Berkshire Council is proposing changes to its street cleansing and litter picking services.  Specifically, for rural areas such as Wokefield it is proposing the following changes:


Type of Land                                            Current Litter Picking                                                Current Street Cleansing                                 Proposal

 Low Intensity  Use

Lightly trafficked areas, rural roads without housing

Between every four weeks and once a year

Every 12 weeks, or not at all if they have no kerb

Less proactive attention than Medium Intensity Use, supplemented by reactive work where land falls below an acceptable standard


However, the  public can tell them about local issues, including problems with litter, litter bins and fly tipping at www.westberks.gov.uk/reportaproblem.

They  welcome the support of the community in identifying problem areas and will be extending the service to include the reporting of the build up of detritus.

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