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   Landowner's Resposibility for maintaining hedgerows bordering roads, footpaths and footways    28 July, 2022


The Parish Council has received complaints that overgrown hedgerows throughout the Parish are making driving, cycling, walking and running around the Parish dangerous – especially in Goring and Jame’s Lanes.

Reproduced below is an article from West Berks District Councillors September report reminding landowners of their responsibilities to maintain their boundaries. Whilst the focus is on pedestrian footways and footpaths, overgrown hedges in the parish are making driving conditions hazardous on several of our busy thoroughfares and narrow lanes.

The article explains how to get West Berkshire to ensure landowner’s maintain their hedges, but in the first instance, if you know the person, suggesting to them  they trim their hedges is perhaps a more neighbourly way to approach the problem initially.

Cut it Back – with thanks to West Berkshire councillor’s

Overgrown vegetation such as hedges, trees, plants and flowers can put the safety of pedestrians and motorists at risk, so residents and businesses that are responsible for vegetation that overhangs from private property on to the public highway within West Berkshire are being urged to ‘cut it back’.

Whilst trying to promote active travel throughout the district, overgrown vegetation can force people, particularly visually impaired, wheelchair users, and parents with pushchairs into the road, putting their safety at risk.

WBC are often inundated with reports from residents who are unable to use footpaths due to overhanging trees and hedges.  ‘Cut it back’ aims to raise awareness that maintenance of trees and hedges growing on private land is the responsibility of the property or landowner.

Where WBC receive a report of overhanging vegetation, the Council’s Asset Management Team will write to the landowner asking them to cut it back within 14 days.  Reports can be raised through WBC’s website at: westberks.gov.uk/reportaproblem

If the owner/occupier does not take corrective action, West Berkshire Council will issue a formal notice for the work to be undertaken.  If this formal notice is ignored and action is not taken, the Council will organise the undertaking of the work and seek to recover the costs from the owner/occupier.

Before commencing work, it is important to check for nesting birds.  For more advice about nesting birds, and what to look out for when you cut your hedges back, visit the RSPB website


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