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Grazeley Green Team

The Grazeley Green Team is a voluntary group of local residents who carry out tasks to maintain Grazeley Green’s common land for the benefit of all.


To tidy up and maintain the Common Land verges to the north and south sides of Goring Lane between the road and landowners boundaries within the limits of Grazeley Green. In particular to provide access to ditches to improve drainage and reduce flood risks.


  • To improve the visual aspect of Grazeley Green to residents and visitors
  • To recover, understand and maintain watercourses in the area to reduce the risk of flooding.
  • To improve visibility from junctions and around bends for pedestrians and motorists
  • To create local community activity in which everyone is welcome to participate.
  • To maintain the local environment to a better standard without burdening local taxes
  • To Maintain a rich diversity of flora and fauna on the village green
  • To provide (if possible) a pedestrian access along Goring Lane to the Old Bell PH
  • To produce a record of the history, current condition, works carried out and local information

If you are interested, please turn up at 10am on the first Sunday of the month for a couple of hours at the junction of Goodboys Lane and Goring Lane. Be sure to wear stout boots, shoes or wellies and work gloves.

Follow links for photos of the team in fair weather and foul!

Here they are By The Old Bell in fine weather and near the junction with Goodboys Lane in Foul !